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LG sets the same high standards for the quality of its customer service as for its home appliances and with many years of experience and a large service network, the LG Home Appliances Service stands for reliability and expertise. Our Service Center has been servicing appliances in the Vizag and nearby areas for over 10 years. India is a growing market for microwave ovens. You get some of the best appliances in India.

Our technicians are well knowledge and high communicative to solve the products, and make it as a new one. Our Service center Engineers very knowledgeable and talent persons. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag If you do just click the above link and dial the given contact numbers our technicians will reach within few minutes and solve that issue.

We provide service for all types of LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Vizag

  • Solo Microwave Oven
  • Convention Microwave Oven
  • Grill Microwave Oven

Solo Microwave Oven:

Solo microwave ovens are basically optimal for cooking simple meals or just reheating cooked food you can also make many kinds of dishes with this appliance. Compared to other microwave ovens like grill or convection microwaves, solo microwaves are usually budget friendly and so can be seen in many households.

Convention Microwave Oven:

A Convection microwave comes with the combined features of a standard/solo microwave and a convection oven. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  Users prefer to buy a convection model to avoid the expenses and hassle of owing these two separately. It has an integrated fan/ blower to let the hot air effectively and evenly circulate around the food and therefore eliminate temperature differences within the cavity. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  This even heat distribution lets you bake cake, bread, pizza and so many delicious dishes in it. You can heat, grill, brown and bake with a convection microwave.  It has defrost option too. Its features allow food to be cooked quickly and thoroughly.

Grill Microwave Oven:

LG manufactures high-quality grill microwave ovens to go along with their convection and solo microwave ovens. Many homemakers favor LG because of its excellent reputation in this line of business. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  This 20-litre microwave oven is ideal for students, bachelors, and small families of three to Four people LG Microwave Oven Repair Service in Vizag

Power saving features makes it the favorite of households all over India

  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to use controls
  • Comes with a starter kit


Does not have digital control options

LG is the best brand that providing home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and TVs. We have a lot of usage with these products in daily life. Those products also have much impact on every home. These products are available in different price variables. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  The different home appliances have different jobs like a refrigerator does the cooling and storing the food items fresh for a long time.  Microwave ovens use for reheating or defrosting food items. Washing machines use for washing clothes. Air conditioners use for cooling down the room temperature and TVs are used for entertainment purpose. In these products, it has types like they are

LG Refrigerator

The refrigerators are mainly used for storing food items, cool drinks, ice creams, medicines, water bottles. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  These refrigerators always play a crucial role in protecting food items. The refrigerators are used mostly in summers. There are mainly three types of refrigerators are there they are like. 

Single door refrigerator

These single door refrigerators are the most used product of this refrigerators. These don’t have many advanced features. This refrigerator doesn’t contain much maintenance. It comes with less capacity which consumes very little electricity. These single door refrigerators are suitable for small families only. These refrigerators have only one door the freezer is also present in the same door. It is very small in size this refrigerator runs at a fixed speed this doesn’t have any convertible options. This is very low in cost. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  The single door refrigerator coming with two storing shelves and a powerful compressor. They have also provided the door lock facility with the keys provided. They have also provided the egg racks large bottle shelves and a big vegetable tray. This single-door refrigerator has humidity control technology this protects the inside stored food fresh for a long time. This the best refrigerator at that price.

Double door refrigerator

The double door refrigerators are the most using refrigerators at present. These double door refrigerators are coming in budget ranges. This can afford by any middle-class people. These refrigerators are coming with two doors on the top and bottom. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  This separates the freezer and refrigerator. The top door is used for the freezer and the bottom big door is used for storing the food items. The freezer compartment is bigger than the single door freezer compartment. The double door refrigerators contain adjustable shelves which we adjust the shelves accordingly to the load. These double door refrigerators also have humidity control technology. In these refrigerators they have provided the new cooling option called multi airflow this provided the multi airflow vents this provides the 4 sides cooling with fast cooling this cooling will cover every inch of the corner. These are the best refrigerators to use.

Side by side door refrigerator

The side by side door refrigerators are the most advanced refrigerators this contains many advanced features and automatic functions. LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Dolphin Hills Vizag  These refrigerators are coming with two side by side doors in which one door is used for the freezer and another door is used for the normal refrigerator. These side-by-side door refrigerators are the most expensive products. These refrigerators are not suits for small houses because they are big in size. These refrigerators have removable racks we can remove and wash the cloths. These refrigerators contain convertible options by this we can easily turn the freezer into normal refrigerators. This refrigerator contains an auto water dispenser and this refrigerator runs very smoothly without any noise. This is the large capacity refrigerator we can store huge amounts of items. These refrigerators also contain multi airflow with fast cooling.

Features of refrigerators

There are many advanced features are there for LG refrigerators they are

Stabilizer free operation

 the new LG refrigerators are coming with stabilizer-free technology which is don’t requires any other stabilizers to run the refrigerator. The LG refrigerators are coming with the stabilizers inbuilt this safeguard the refrigerators from all current fluctuations. This stabilizer contains longevity and requires fewer repairs and replacements. The LG has provided a warranty also to the services.

Convertible option

The new LG side by side door refrigerators is coming with the new technology called converter option. This is the best option in which the user can convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator with just only one click. If the user can’t find the storage inside the refrigerator so he can easily convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator to store the food items.

Automatic door opening

 The LG refrigerators are coming with a new technology called automatic door opening. They have provided the door open sensors with the help of these sensors the door will open automatically when the user steps into the zone of the sensor. The sensors are located at the bottom of the refrigerator.

LG washing machine

The washing machines are one of the best home appliances. The washing machines are used for washing clothes. The washing machines will provide the best washing experience for the users. This will best clean than washing clothes with washing machines. The washing machines help the user from getting stress. Washing machines are coming inexpensive range budget range and low-cost range. The more peoples are showing interest in buying the washing machines. The value of the washing machine is increasing day by day. There are four types of refrigerators are there they are.

Top load washing machines

The top load washing machines are the first model of washing machines. These top load washing machines are very low in cost comparing to all other washing machines. They provided two separate drums for washing and drying. It is suitable for small families because it washes very limited clothes. It has a fixed motor speed. It consumes less electricity to wash clothes. These washing machines don’t contain very few automatic features and functions. It has only one drum motion to the top load washing machines.

Front-load washing machines

The front-load washing machines are the best washing machines to use. It is also can be known as an upgraded version of top load washing machines. These washing machines have the best selling value in the market. The front-load washing machines provide the many best features it consumes very little electricity.  These washing machines are very comfortable in size. They provide the best washing experience to the users. It has several washing modes. They provided the digital display with the help of this we can set the settings and selection of the modes. It is suitable for large and small families. They only provide one drum for washing and draining.

Semi-automatic washing machines

The semi-automatic washing machines are the most advanced washing machine comparing to front load washing machines. In semi-automatic washing machines, they provide many automatic functions. This semi automatic washing machines provide the best washing experience to the people. The automatic features will helps to save the time of the user. This washing machine consumes very little electricity. And it takes very less water consumption compared to fully automatic washing machines.  These washing machines provide quick washing to users.

Fully automatic washing machines

The fully automatic washing machines are the most advanced washing machine comparing to the semi-automatic washing machine. The washing machine runs all the functions automatically. It is the most expensive product in the washing machines. These fully automatic washing machines provide the best washing to the clothes. It has many washing modes to give to tough wash. It looks very cool in design and colors.

Features of washing machines

Twin wash technology

The new washing machines are coming with the best technology that is twin wash technology. In these new LG washing machines they have provided the two drums up and down the upper one bigger drum and the bottom drum is small drum. In the top drum, it can handle heavy clothes like a uniform, jeans, blankets, etc. while the bottom drum handles dedicated clothes like silk, etc. the big drum contains a capacity of 20kgs.

All-round cleaning with 6 motion DD technologies

Generally, the old washing machines come with only one motion for any kind of clothes. But in this new LG washing machines are coming with the 6 different types of motions DD technologies they provide the best washing to the clothes they are tumble, scrubbing, rolling, filtration, swing and stepping. These 6 motion DD technologies provide the s\best washing experience to the cloths.

Inverter +direct drive

The new LG washing machines are providing new technology called a linear inverter. This linear inverter helps to run the washing machine at an optimized speed. Generally, other washing machines are run at only one speed to any kind of load. This will helps to save electricity consumption while running the washing machines. This will help to reduce the noise of the washing machine too. And they also provided the direct drive the motor directly attached to the drum of the washing machine this also saves the electricity.

LG microwave oven

The microwave ovens are used for reheating the food items heating the food items or reheating and defrosting. The microwave oven mostly use in hotels and bakeries for making delicious food items. the microwave ovens  are mainly three types they are

Solo microwave oven

The solo microwave ovens are the normal microwave ovens that are used to reheating food items. This is useful only for basic needs like cooking and defrosting. This is a very less expensive product comparing to all other microwave ovens. In these microwave ovens, metal utensils cannot be used. Because of entry-level microwave ovens, it will run at a fixed temperature we cannot change the temperature.

Grill microwave ovens

These grill microwave ovens are the upgraded version solo microwave ovens. These are suitable for home, bakeries, and hotels. These grill microwave ovens are coming in the budget range.  This is also a normal microwave oven for reheating and defrosting the food items along with grilling. They provided the grilling accessories to the microwave oven. This can grill meat and vegetables. This is more expensive comparing to a solo microwave oven. The metal utensils cannot be used in grill microwave ovens also.

Convection microwave ovens

The convection microwave ovens are the most advanced microwave ovens comparing to all microwave ovens. These microwave ovens contain all the technologies of solo and grill microwave ovens. This microwave oven will cook all kinds of food items. In this convection microwave oven, we can use metal utensils. And in these microwave ovens, we can set the different levels of temperatures. They have also provided the LED bulbs inside the microwave ovens. The LED bulbs inside the microwave ovens are very useful to see the food ready or not. The turnplate helps to rotate the food item inside the microwave oven.

Features of microwave oven

Smart display

Smart displays are the best options for microwave ovens. With the help of these smart displays, we can control all the functions of microwave ovens. This is very easy to clean. We can set all the cooking functions.

Inox terior

The new LG microwave ovens are coming with stainless steel body inside the microwave oven. This gives excellent cooking results. This stainless steel body improves the heat circulation inside the microwave ovens.

Auto menu

The auto menu is the best technology in microwave ovens. This auto menu technology is provided in many microwave ovens. With this technology, we want to select the weight of the food item. Then it automatically starts the cooking of the food and provides a delicious taste. This is the best microwave oven technology.

LG air conditioners

The air conditioners are the most valuable home appliance we use air conditioners for cooling the surrounding. The air conditioners are mainly used for cool air. In summers the usage of air conditioners will increase. What if in winter if we want the hot air so the new air conditioners are providing the inbuilt heaters which the heated air too.  This is the best technology provided by air conditioners. There are three types of air conditioners are there they are.

Types of air conditioners

Split air conditioners

The split air conditioners are the best air conditioners. Which is mostly seen in houses, offices, etc. these air conditioners come with two parts they are compressor and air conditioner. The compressor is located outside the wall while air conditioners are fixed inside the home. The compressor helps to produce the cool air inside the room by observing the hot air from the room. There is a copper pipe connected to the compressor to air conditioners.

Duct air conditioners

The duct air conditioners are mainly located in movie theaters and residential hotels. These are located at the ceilings. The duct air conditioners provide fast cooling to the users it has a big capacity. It is more expensive comparing to the split air conditioners.  It makes less noise while running the air conditioners. It has a seamless design. These air conditioners are very easy to control.

Conventional air conditioners

The conventional air conditioners are the best air conditioners which are located in the middle of the room to the ceiling. The air conditioners are also known as central air conditioners also. This air conditioner provides the 4 sides cooling to the room with quick cooling to the room. These air conditioners are located mainly in shopping malls. This is a box-shaped air conditioner

4D cooling with 30 feet’s distance

The new LG air conditioners are providing a new technology called 4D cooling. This provides the cooling for 4 sides up, down, right, left. This means providing cooling to every corner of the home. And they provide cooling to 30 feet’s distance with fast cooling.


TV’s are the most important for every home. They are the stress busters for every human being. TV’s are the main source of entertainment. Many people are addicted to so many TV shows and movies in this lockdown time. Mainly staying at home in this situation is very safe. So TV’s are playing an important role in this covid19 period. There are mid-ranged TV’s and expensive TV’s are they in LED and LCD.  In mid ranges TV’s they have provided the resolution of full HD which is 1080p. And the expensive ranged TV’s are coming with a resolution of 4K. This 4K resolution is available in smart TV’s. These smart TV’s have the best value in the market this TV had many advanced features. We can connect the TV to Wi-Fi and access YouTube and many other OTT plate forms. They provided qualitative speakers. This TV’s are providing the best experience of watching.

About the service

We provide the best services to all home appliances. We provide the warranties to our services like 3 months product warranty and a one-month general warranty. We provide the door to door service to the customers. We have well-experienced technicians who will solve the issues of your product. Our technicians will provide quick service to the customers. We take very less charges comparing to other service centers. We are one of the most trusted service providers in VIZAG. We have a transport facility also if any major problem occurs undertake the product to our service center. We have the best customer care support for our best services. We provide service 24/7 to the customers.